The Science Points To Pitch Recognition Training

If you’re a baseball coach and you are not training pitch recognition, then you are missing the biggest opportunity in baseball. Recent scientific studies by pitch recognition leading researcher Dr. Peter Fadde have confirmed that even small amounts of pitch recognition training can lead to drastic improvement in hitters’ power and precision.

The Pitchview makes your practice time more efficient because it works off of an already existing resource at your disposal- your bullpen pitches. If you have a pitcher throwing live pitches, either in practice or warm-up, you can have two hitters standing behind two Pitchviews viewing those pitches.

Built To Last

The Pitchview screen is 17/14 mesh, making it very clear, so the hitter gets a good view of the pitcher’s release as well as the flight of the ball. The open end of the “C ” “frame” lets the hitter see the pitch all the way to the catcher’s glove.

The Pitchview is not just clear. It’s extremely safe. The mesh screen is hurricane grade consisting of a polyester core yarn with a PVC coating. The fabric is UV protectant and contains a biocide compound that resists mildew. The edges of the screen are reinforced with RF welding to ensure a secure connection to the C frame. Your players are safe behind this screen.

The Pitchview Can Be Used For Training Or Warm-up

The Pitchview can be used for all sorts of modalities. It can be used for pre-season or in-season training or it can be used for pre-game or even in-game warm-up. As an example of pre-season training, the typical college hitter sees 600 pitches in the course of season. With the Pitchview you could get your hitters those 600 looks before the season even starts so they hit the ground running.

On the other end of that spectrum, as an example of in-game warm-up, if you have a hitter who’s been on the bench the whole game and you want him to pinch hit in the ninth, you can send him to the bullpen before his at-bat and you could even have him watch a pitcher similar to the one he’s going to face. The brain and eyes need a warm-up just like the body.

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